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I wrote "Creatures of the Sun" when I was 9 years old. The first time I wrote it, it was a 2-page play, "Creatures From The Sun", the name pitched to me by my older brother Justin. The story involved a man meeting an alien who was a talking ball of fire from the Sun . . . slightly similar to the balls of fire in 1980's Donkey Kong (and the 1994 Game Boy Donkey Kong remake).


The second draft would instead be a full-length novel, kind of like R. L. Stine's Goosebumps, with no creatures from the Sun, but, instead, a species of diamond creatures that are found all across Montgomery County, Maryland. At first, I wrote it to be about a bunch of random different kids finding the diamond creatures, but then I named the main character Ryan Cogwell, maybe not a world-saving hero, but a kid-put-into-this-crazy-situation like in Goosebumps. I made many attempts at the diamond creature book, but I never really wrote past the first few pages. With no actual Sun creatures being in the story, the name of the book had become a bit misleading.

If you count several attempts at the diamond creatures draft as one, the 3rd version pitted a regular kid against the villain Bevonah, a man with purple fur across his body.

At age 22, I decided to roll all three of those ideas together into a rewrite of "Creatures of the Sun" in which Bevonah has conquered and enslaved the diamond creatures, and plans on summoning the Creatures of the Sun to come to Earth to destroy.

When I was a kid, at age 9, in 1997, I saw the Star Wars theatrical re-releases and felt inspired to recreate Creatures of the Sun again, to be more about outer space. Bevonah would be gone. Now, Flanton was a green-skinned villain, whose daughter was sent into a human school in a human disguise. The main character would meet the girl, learn about her father, and try to stop his plans, in a story slightly reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. The humans and the aliens represent the two opposing families, with a human boy and alien girl meeting, and developing at least a friendship, if not a relationship, which would go against the enemy status of their two species, and especially invoke the anger of her father, once he catches on.

This 4th version became a full trilogy. The second book involved a giant species of blue lizards. Ezekiel, Flanton's brother, turned out to be far worse than Flanton, making the villain look like an angel in comparison. Flanton and the two kids team up to thwart his far worse brother, Ezekiel, in a plot inspired by an episode of the Simpsons, in which Sideshow Bob, who had made villainous appearances at least 5 times by then, turned out to be not nearly as bad as his brother Cecil. Now, the basic story of that entire trilogy, the 4th draft, is rolled together into the 2nd book of the rewrite: what happened across three books will now happen, a bit faster, across one. Flanton's name is changed to Jebb.

For the third book, I turn to the version I thought of at age 12, where the characters were in college. Now, the two kids from the first two books, Ryan Cogwell and Michelle (the undercover alien), find each other at age 20, in college, after not having seen each other since half a lifetime ago. But they both must team up against Bevonah, who has broken out of containment and whose fur has become black. The overall story of Book 3: in these 10 years since they all last saw one another, the Creatures of the Sun have come almost all the way to Earth.

Basically, that's 7 different drafts I wrote a kid:

1 - sun-creatures
2 - diamond creatures
3 - Bevonah, with purple fur
(Now all 3 ideas are rolled together, into the 1st book of the reboot trilogy.)

4 - A story reminiscent of Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet, and other things. A human boy meets an alien girl, and though they run away together, they're caught by her angry father. This 4th draft became a whole trilogy. Bevonah was nowhere. Giant blue lizards were discovered in the second book of this trilogy. Ezekiel turned out to be the worst villain yet.
(Now all 3 books that made the 4th draft are rewritten into the 2nd book of the reboot trilogy.)

7 - At age 12, I thought it would be cool to have them meet in college instead, and for Bevonah to have black fur. Now I've decided that the boy and girl from Book 2 meet again, for the first time in 10 years, in college, and yet it all goes back to the very first draft, where living balls of fire who are creatures from the Sun are now threatening the entire world.

Now I'm 25, in the year 2013, and this is what I'm working on. It's all based on what I wrote as a kid, in 1997. The final version, where they're both in college, was from when I was 12, in the year 2000. It took me until 2010, at age 22, to decide to reboot my earlier writing, a 10-year gap that is ironically just like the 10-year gap the characters face between Books 2 and 3. Now, after 3 years, I'm getting more organized, but it's not done yet - I've got so many different things I'm writing at once.


Realistically speaking, the publishing industry has YET to publish anything I've written, and literary agents have sent back uncountable proposal letters for my books, like "The Boy and the Girl", and so on. Their answer is always a no. I would hope to get "Creatures of the Sun" in bookstores one day. Realistically speaking, though, I highly doubt the publishing industry would ever go for it.

Also realistically speaking, although I could put it up on Amazon myself, it would not satisfy, at all, my desire to have it in bookstores and therefore visbile in public places.

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