Noble Man

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Last updated:
Monday, May 20, 2013

This is a movie script, comic book style. For now, it's just a summary/outline.

This story happens after "Hatchet: the Rise of Mr. Red", "the Servo Cult", "Light City", and "Dust". Noble Man is the 5th comic book style movie script.

In Light City, U.S.A., Paranormal Girl has all the powers that the C.I.A. used to investigate: mind-reading, extrasensory perception, levitation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis. Tokyo, Japan. Lee Minn, 20 years old and born with red hair, has all the same powers, and no idea why. Years of training in martial arts and meditation leave her far greater use of her powers than her Western counterpart.

Cairo, Egypt. Noble Man has all these same powers, and although he portrays himself as being noble and heroic, he is secretly a clever thief, liar, and manipulator.

Ireland: Shade O'Waters came from a family of organized crime, but he wants to break his family's cycle and attack only the men that are guilty of kidnapping and other major crimes.

When Noble Man gets all of Cairo, Egypt brainwashed into a trance, Lee Minn and Shade O'Waters both travel to Cairo to stop him.

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